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Chaga Plus™

60 Capsules 

Therapies with Chaga mushrooms are very successful but not all mushroom products are created equal.

Here are the most important points for quality assurance:

  • The formula should contain the actual mushroom- which is the fruiting body, not the underground mycelium (which is erroneously called “the mushroom”); 
  • Hot water extraction; 
  • Organic; 
  • Contains no gluten, added starch or grains of any kind; 
  • Rich in beta glucans.

Unique in our formula:

  • Added potentized actual complete wild mushroom which makes the energetic strength superior.

Chaga mushrooms are used for: 

  • immune support; 
  • stabilizing the cells; 
  • detoxification; 
  • cleansing the skin; 
  • anti-oxidant effects.

Rudolf Steiner makes valuable additional comments on the effect of mushroom therapies on the human health and wellbeing. 


  Chaga Plus Supplement Facts


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