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Breast Protect Plus™

60 capsules

This formula promotes both breast health and overall female health.

What is special about this formula? 

  • The only breast formula to contain trace minerals shown by the research of Rudolf Steiner and other traditional sources to be associated with stabilizing the energetic structure of the chest organs.
  • The only breast formula to contain a uniquely concentrated frankincense (standardized to 90% AKBA as opposed to the customary commercially available 3-25% AKBA std.), plus curcumin and vitamin D3, to assist healthy inflammatory processes. Maintaining a healthy inflammatory balance is a crucial step for overall health care.
  • The only breast formula to contain Bioperine® as a spice that improves the absorption of all components and increases their blood levels.
  • One of the few formulas to contain HMRLignans, breakthrough herbal extracts which promote a better estrogen balance.
  • Contains very high amounts of the remarkably beneficial annatto derived Tocotrienols
    • powerful stabilizers of cell health;
    • antioxidants;
    • help maintain a healthy cholesterol level;
    • assists hair growth!
  • Contains cruciferous vegetable extract in order to support a shift towards the "good" estrogens.

This is indeed a formula that should be part of the daily regimen of any health conscious woman!*



Breast Protect Plus  

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